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“Divorce is the psychological equivalent of a triple coronary bypass” - Mary Kay Blakely, American Mom – “More like a root canal without Novocain” – unknown

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Death is a given concept that the human in nature must face.  Divorce or the more polite legal concept dissolution of marriage also affects millions of individuals each year.  In the experience of facing the death of a spouse, one's family, friends and the community assist in trying to fill in the void.  Divorce on the other hand, can involve the grieving process but support of family, friends and the community can be divisive, creating a nightmare that causes devastation and chaos to ensue.

Divorce law is the ultimate emotional battleground. People contemplating divorce come to the law office of Connie R. Stephens, P.A. facing a variety of emotions from anger or apathy to outrage and regret.  They contemplate withdrawing all their money from shared accounts to "starve the other out".  They seek to destroy the other person's precious possessions.  Where children are involved, contact and time sharing concepts become weapons in each parent's arsenal.

Adversarial actions do not guarantee a better overall result.  When a divorce or custody dispute turns adversarial, one must consider the costs of contentious litigation.  Revenge is a short-lived satisfaction.  Principal fights are not cheap.  Winning the argument at all costs comes at the price of winning the battle but losing the war.

Consider the impact of an acrimonious legal dispute on your long-term relationships.   How will your family feel?  You cannot emotionally erase the father or mother of children born of the marriage.  Parental alienation creates havoc with children's emotional well being; their self esteem and self worth are eroded.  Consider all of the costs.   Is the financial price tag really worth the emotional consequences of a bitter feud?   However, there comes a time when litigation is the path pursued.  When that time comes, you want someone who has trial and appellate skills to assist in securing your legal rights and to defend against inequitable conduct and/or spurious allegations.  At the law offices of Connie R. Stephens, we are here to help you protect your interests in a divorce while preserving your family commitments.  We are here to guide you and to advise you about how to keep your family, your future, and your finances secure.  We offer calm, qualified and caring counsel to help you navigate through some of the most emotionally charged moments of your life.  We will pursue your legal rights zealously.  Give yourself a chance to survive this process intact and engage in maintaining healthy relationships for you and your children when you call us today: 727.446.8899.

Florida family law practice:  Advocating for your rights and exploring your legal options

The law office of Connie R. Stephens, P.A. seeks justice for people who are engaged in contentious family conflicts throughout the state of Florida.  Our top priority is to protect your interests.  To that end, we engage in pioneering legal and investigative work to help our clients pursue their claims in family court.

Our firm takes pride in being extremely responsive.  We generally return all calls to the office within two business hours, if only to gauge the exigency of your situation.   We often handle emergency cases involving—

  • Snatch-and-grab/Amber alert
  • Domestic battery, date rape and repeat violence
  • Parental relocation to a different state
  • Parental kidnapping

We also conduct weekly file reviews to redress any pending issues in your case.  We make it a priority to keep your case moving forward toward a swift and just resolution.  Our firm cares deeply about the cases and clients we represent and we make it a priority to deliver quality legal services.

Receive experienced, responsive, and innovative legal advice from an attorney who places your concerns first when you call 727.446.8899.  From offices located in Clearwater Florida, we proudly serve Clearwater, Tampa, St. Petersburg, New Port Richey, and Dade City.

"Better to succeed with honor than fail with fraud."—Sophocles